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Are you having trouble remembering things? Do you lose items? Is it difficult for you to shake the feelings of stress or restlessness?

If this sounds familiar, your brain may have memory decline associated with aging or disease.

You may feel like you've been applying coping strategies to deal with these changes. But you are not alone. At the Brain Cell, we are here to help you. We understand what it feels like to cope with these symptoms and we have a plan to help.

Memory loss: What is Happening in the Brain?

The first step to managing memory decline is understanding what's happening in the brain. Once you understand the science behind what's happening, you can move forward in helping yourself to improved functioning and working memory.

Memory loss is not just a disorder for aging adults. It is a lifespan disorder that affects us in young adulthood too especially those living with chronic illness.

As an adult, memory impairment can impact our attention, organization, stress management, mood, relationships and overall performance in all we do. It can make us feel like things don’t come as easily as they should, and that we need to work harder to get everyday tasks completed.

The Brain Cell is designed to help you overcome these challenges and unlock your full potential. You don’t need to struggle. There’s a better way forward with the Brain Cell.

Help with memory changes

We all experience memory decline with age or disease, but not all of our bodies react to aging or disease in the same way. Our brain’s ability to take in and coordinate information can negatively impact our memory.

Did you know that the connections in our brains impacts the way we experience life and take in and process emotions? A person’s ability to maximize these brain connectivity or form information pathways in the brain influences memory changes.

When new pathways in the brain are formed, the brain’s ability to perform cognitive and physical tasks is improved. The strength and integration of our cognitive and physical skills build our ability to have successful executive functions - impacting our attention, decision-making and comprehension. We can notice these positive changes in our mood, memory, focus, behavior, social skills and relationships.

The Brain Cell is a personalized program designed to help adults improve focus, stress management, anxiety, memory, comprehension and performance. Through the program, we’ll help you understand how your unique brain functions, and create a tailored plan to help you work towards your success. 

As part of the program, participants will work 1:1 with a dedicated Performance Coach. The program also includes individualized sessions with a nutrition coach to help participants develop a a plan for optimal performance. 

What can be done for memory decline?

The Brain Cell is uniquely designed to focus on building brain connectivity rather than implementing coping strategies. The program uses a combination of sensory engagement exercises, physical exercises, cognitive activities to strengthen the brain pathways needed to improve memory.

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